TYLER- Tyler hasn't done much leading up to today. Few, if any, awards or "atta-boys" come to mind. There was high school graduation. Most people were relieved, Tyler was just drunk. He's an expert on just "getting by" and he makes it look so easy. No one is really sure how he will hold up under real pressure, but he's not a kid anymore, and it's time to face the music.

PAIGE- could've had anything she wanted. The perfect job, the best education. And it's no secret she could've done much better in the "man" department. But she moved out to San Francisco looking for adventure, and she definitely foundů well, she found something. She's smart enough to know what's happening around her, but she has no problem looking the other way, when it suits her. This is only one stop on her trip, and she's making the most out of it.

ROBBIE- born and raised south of San Francisco on the peninsula. He moved to the city right after high school. He tried to live at home, but his parents thought him living alone in the city would be, at the very least, "educational" for him. After starting a band, and getting nowhere, he enrolled at a downtown university, majoring in forestry. He begins his eighth year as an undergrad in the fall, he will be a junior, and still doesn't have an apartment to call his own. If he's unable to use his charm to stay the night with the ladies, he ends up crashing at Steve and Tyler's. His friends get sick of him at every turn, but it's Robbie, he means well, he tries hard, and his drunken ramblings border on genius.

VERONICA- woke up this morning feeling frisky. In fact she's the only woman known to wake up every morning with a "morning missile." She arrived in San Francisco from the raisin capital of the world, Fresno. After leaving Fresno immediately upon graduation, her reason being she'd already slept with Fresno, she arrived in the city at noon, and was working at the caffe by 12:30. By 3pm, Joe realized she was useless as an employee, so she was unemployed by 3:15. After this, Veronica realized she would merely rely on the kindness of strangers, and four years later, is doing just fine. Although, she doesn't understand this monogamy thing her boyfriends keep pushing on her.

TED- left the house before Veronica woke up feeling frisky. He always leaves the house at 7am. He's a student, a good one. He should be because, like Robbie, he's been doing it for quite some time. Unlike Robbie, however, he actually goes to class. He was the featured guest at a party celebrating his completion of General Ed. courses last summer. He officially started his major, communications, this fall. The neighborhood is very proud of him, as he is the brightest star. Academically speaking.

JOE- Joe comes to us from the suburbs of New Jersey. He arrived in San Francisco six years ago because, "I do things my way." He is the master of reinvention. Before assuming his "Lost Rat Pack" incarnation, he went through such guises as rastafarian, hip hopper, extreme skateboader and sensitive "Alan Alda" type, which didn't stick to well. When asked how he came to acquire the caffe, one should expect such answers as "I knew a guy," or, "Somebody owed me a favor." Or his most oft used, "It fell off the back of a truck."

PETE- Hasn't left the neighborhood in six months. Basically, because he has "nothing to wear." His days are filled with speed, coffee, beer, TV, Wendy, and just "doing stuff." This is, on occasion, interrupted by spurts of brilliance.

WENDY- Is one of Paige's best friends, and Pete's girlfriend. She despises Tyler, but she enjoys despising him more that she actually does. She loves that Tyler exists, because it gives her a reason to get up every morning. Wendy's mission statement reads "...Hate Tyler more that the day before, and make his life miserable by any means possible. Oh, and kiss my boyfriend."

MICHELLE- was born and raised in the great state of Delaware. After molesting herself, and unable to bear the pressure and trauma that accompanies such a tragic event, she ran away to Los Angeles to become a movie star. After hitching a ride with an animal circus, she ended up in New Orleans, broke, homeless, but still, a super knockout. What's a traumatized beautiful homeless girl to do, but turn to 'peeling.'

DOUG- Who the hell is Doug? He's the guy in the red shirt and funny multi-colored pork pie hat who is crying out for attention. Having mimosas at seven? Doug is there. Having a relaxing day at the pool with some friends? Doug, still wearing the f@#%ing hat, is there. Trying deparately to get back with your girlfriend? Doug calls you a pussy. There really is no background on him, because, frankly, no one cares.

SEAN- Knows everyone, says anything, and has a laugh that make all the women swoon. He doesn't work, but who does. He just kind of a punk. Paige took pity on him a long time ago and let him kiss her hand, so now he feels as though he had some secret affair with her. It keeps him going.

THE BAND-was stoned last week. This was a result of the end of regular playstation hockey season. Playoffs begin in Two weeks, and judging by regular season play, it promises to be one of the most exciting playoffs in recent memory. Which due to the resin cloud lurking around the stadium is rather short-term.

ERNIE- Ernie's luck with the ladies is beyond understanding. His angry demeanor and feelings of self importance turn everybody off. Yet, every morning, he wakes up next to some "hottie." No one underestimates his sound abilities. Probably because no one knows much about sound. If you want to do a show, and you want to sound good. Call Ernie. Otherwise, steer clear.

CAMERON- Carries around with him the boorish mannerisms of a Yalie. Probably because that's what he is. After graduation, he moved to San Francisco and landed a stock trading job that everyone hopes will be phased out once the internet takes over. If that happens, there's always room for another customer at the caffe during the mid-afternoon shift. Until then, he's good looking, successful, has money, and everyone hates him.

LU- came over from England when she was eighteen in search of a good dentist. After four years of braces, she finally escaped her english past. She's been working in various North Beach restaurants ever since. Since her dream was to get her teeth straight, she is now just burning time. She is one of the cutest girls in the neighborhood, but unfortunately for the guys, she's incredibly bright. And her dry wit leave the boys standing around asking themselves, "What?"

STEVE- Has a job. A real job, where he wears a suit and makes money. Money that is taxed. Don't call him a suit, though. Once the work day is over, he is slammin' beers and chasing skirts. He's a man's man. He has advice, he'll buy ya a drink, and, maybe it's the loosened tie, but he makes the ladies swoon.