At age 10, Californian Jed Mortenson stole his parents' Super 8 camera and began making films. After graduating cum laude from USC's cinema school (despite a semester suspension for a pyrotechnic experiment gone awry), he survived a trial by fire, working for high maintenance professionals like James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd.

Meanwhile, across the country...

Richard Speight, Jr. grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. Then, he graduated cum laude from the University of Southern California's school of Theater. There, he met aquatic cinema nerd Jed Mortenson. Now he acts for money, most recently co-starring in the Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks produced W.W.II mini-series BAND OF BROTHERS.

NORTH BEACH is the first feature film for both boys.

Mr. Peterson is the author of numerous screenplays, short stories, a few poems, and two half finished novels, the majority of which serve various functions around the house. Some are doorstops, a couple of paper weights. Mr. Peterson's "Complete Works of Poetry Vol. 1: The Early Years" currently serves as scratch paper. In fact your phone number is probably scribbled somewhere in the verse. "North Beach" is his first produced work, and he's very happy he found some suckers who liked it.

After graduating cum mediocris from the University of Southern California, David went on to work as an assistant editor on such films as True Lies, Dante's Peak, Arlington Road, Mystery Men and Titanic among others. North Beach is his first feature film editing credit. Since North Beach, David has been editing commercials and music videos for the bands Primer 55, Deftones and Grand Theft Audio, and flying back and forth to Belgium.

Mark Herzig is a San Francisco based cinematographer and director. His commercial reel includes work for FUBU, Guinness, and Hewlett-Packard. Besides "North Beach," his feature work as DP includes "Tweeker", a contemporary noir now in festivals worldwide. He is the director and cinematographer of "Scherzo", a short film honored in 1999 by CanalPlus at a showcase in Paris entitled "Une Nouvelle Veine de Cineastes" (The New Filmmakers). His new short currently titled "EtCetera" is in postproduction. "Working with Casey, Richard and Jed on 'North Beach' was a real treat for me. They took my visual input seriously and made me feel like a real collaborator. The fun factor was way up."

After starting in the business as Music Coordinator for NBC's Music Dept., Burch moved on to serve as Music Coordinator for MTV's Road Rules IV and V, then moved up to Music Supervisor for Real Word's Seattle, Hawaii, and New Orleans segments. Next he branched out into the feature film world, serving as Music Supervisor for "North Beach" and the independent film "White Bread" starring Jenny McCarthy.

After a successful career as a CPA working in Arthur Andersen's Chicago, Los Angeles, and Tokyo offices, Valles decided to try her hand at producing. She brings a wealth of much needed business and financial experience to the North Beach team.

Rob Mulloy came to California without a clue about how to make a movie, so he spent a couple of years in the Hollywood trenches as a slave, er, production assistant. After absorbing both abuse and enlightenment, he finally made the leap to producer on the short film In Tune, in 1998. The festival circuit success of that project encouraged him to take on the more ambitious goal of co-producing the feature film North Beach.